Bienvenido – Welcome


We are all watching.

Vamos a ver que pasa!

So this is my attempt at getting current with the Spanglish lifestyle in LA… and by that I mean the capacity to understand and live both worlds, cultures, ideas, etc. in English and Spanish simultaneously. You know how it goes. In my case, I usually think “in English” and then Spanish suddenly creeps in. I’m not just referring to being bilingual or that other word they like to call us… pochos comes to mind! (“They” being the language purists.) Even though I try to stick to one language and use proper grammar, if I know you speak Spanish, are of Hispanic descent or are even curious about the Latino culture, then both languages will collide! No puedo evitarlo. So I hope if this blog gains any traction and gets any hits you’ll bear with me and understand my lingo.

Aqui estaré blogging in Spanglish. Isn’t  it interesting how it’s all coming together?

6 thoughts on “Bienvenido – Welcome

  1. Chula, don’t call us “pochas” we’re bilinguals that think too fast to stick to one language, so we have to combine in order to speak as fast as we’re thinking…doesn’t that sound better…jajaaaa…y como dijo un alumnito mio: “I disfrut to be awake!!!” y le contesta el amigo “que disfrutas ser un wey!?!” puras de esas con el SPANGLISH

    • ale, you are right as usual! we think in 2 languages. An the word “pocho” is such an ugly word, but “they” still use it against us. Antes me angustiaba un poco, ahora me vale m! I’m proud of being bilingual.

  2. Bravo!!! I love it.
    I’ve personally never felt the need to apologize for my spanglish abilities, or unabashed use of them… if anything they have always been a plus in my life. Bottom-line what humans need is to understand each other better; the words used are second in importance.

    En las celebres palabras de Rorrito: Yes alright my friend, papas & betabel, & rabanitos también!

  3. Your blog si very cool, I love it!

    Also about the spanglish use, I feel so understood, I can duplicate “that feeling” of being wrong for using both languages at the same time but, there is some concepts that can not be translated to either language and it feels so good jut to say it as it comes to mind… 🙂

  4. No pues si. You are the best, definitely. Thanks for making the spanglish language stand out. Un abrazo, and keep your blogs coming.

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