Para celebrar el Día del Padre

Y de repente me encuentro en pleno mes de junio, a few short days away from the start of el Mundial World Cup Brasil 2014, with an interesting conundrum for Father’s Day: Do I get my Dad a present he really wants or do I get him something I would like for him to have and maybe inspire him to be more trendy?

Interesting question, which can only be resolved, knowing my Dad, by getting him 2 gifts. Eso y más se merece el “Rostro” (así le dicen de cariño a mi Pops). The trendy thing we have to work on, because he has a “classic” look he does not like to stray away from. Basically, azul marino de pies a cabeza. Quien sabe, a lo mejor y lo convencemos de usar camisas de cuadritos- mínimo!

¿Ustedes ya tienen regalo listo para su Papá?

As part of a video production I recently worked on (behind the scenes) with Macy’s for Father’s Day gifts, below is a video link where you can get great ideas on what to get for your Dad. The beautiful Martha Gil de Montes, from Macy’s, presents regalos para celebrar el Día del Padre. Hay un poco de todo: moda, zapatos, relojes, lociones y más.

You have a few more days to choose something, so make sure it’s something nice, a muy buen precio (usen sus cupones de la Macy’s) y algo que le vaya a gustar a su Papá.

Les deseo muy feliz Father’s Day a todos los Padres, pero especialmente al mío, que es el mejor Papá del “mundo-mundial” y al que quiero tanto. Love you Dad!


¿Qué le regalo a mi Mamá?

Justo a tiempo para el Día de las Madres, my friend Martha Gil de Montes from Macy’s has presented some excellent ideas for getting a nice gift para la mujer más importante en nuestras vidas, Mamá.

Aunque yo conozco los gustos de mi Mamá, siempre es bueno tener más opciones. I like everything on that tabletop! Me gustaron especialmente los relojes, las bolsas y joyería. Pero aquí lo importante es mi Mamá. Así que  Mom, ¿qué te gusta?

Mi Mamá se merece todo, todo, todo. Un día al año no es suficiente para agradecerle tanto amor. Pero bueno, empecemos con un regalito y esperemos que lo disfrute. I love you Mom!

Feliz Dia de las Madres a mi Mamá, a mi Abuelita, a mi Comadre, a mis Sisters, y a todas mis amigas/lectoras que son Mamás. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Full disclosure: Participé en la producción de este video behind the scenes, y quedó tan bonito, que quise compartirlo aqui en el blog. 


2 Movies on my list: “Chef” and “Begin Again”

"Chef" opens in theaters this weekend. Written, directed and starring Jon Favreau.

“Chef” opens in theaters this weekend. Written, directed and starring Jon Favreau.

Summer Movie season is here. It’s time for popcorn movies, so I haven’t really been excited about any movie since the Oscar season wrapped in March.

But now 2 new movies caught my eye and I’m looking forward to seeing them at a local (arthouse) theater near you.

CHEF is the most recent movie written and directed by Jon Favreau, who also stars. The premise looks really interesting, with a chef who quits the restaurant business after a bad review and decides to reinvent himself with a food truck. It stars Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr., Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo, Booby Cannavale and Scarlett Johannson and it looks pretty cool, without any of the special effects you would see in one of those action movies that we’re bombarded with this season.

Speaking of which, Jon Favreau has had such an interesting career. He is the director of the three Iron Man flicks, which is probably his most lucrative and famous work to date. But I’ve been a fan and been following him (literally) since he did Swingers, Made and even his brief TV show “Dinner for Five” back in the early 200o’s. (Side note: at the time I was stalking Vince Vaughn so once I stood in the parking lot of Musso and Frank’s Grill in Hollywood where they used to tape the show. El Vince Vaughn llegó tarde, y entró rapídismo, but I had a chance to say hello to Jon and he seemed to be a nice guy.)


Last week I tweeted to him that I had read the fabulous NY Times article featuring him and that I was looking forward to his movie and guess what? Me hizo Re-Tweet and I got quite a few followers thanks to him. So gracias for reading and retweeting, Mr. Favreau, and I hope your movie does really well.


Otra movie que se me antoja mucho is “Begin Again” with Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly. It is written and directed by John Carney, the same director who made “Once” a few years ago. (I love that movie.)

It’s another story about starting something new and changing your life (uh oh, is there a trend here I’m just realizing?) set in New York City, so I already give it a thumbs up.

I’m not sure when this opens but it seems like the thing I’d like to see soon. A ver que tal.

Click on the link below for the trailer. Maybe this is also your cup of tea?



Mis “Piensos” on the George Clooney engagement



Upon learning that George Clooney got engaged recently to international lawyer Amal Alamuddin, three things came to mind:

 1. Who is this mystery woman??? (¿Y qué tiene que las otras ex-novias no tuvieron?)

2. Remember that old saying “Más pronto cae un hablador que un cojo,” or “never say never”?  Yet again it proves to be true.

3. I really have to return to my blog so I can vent this out properly in Spanglish on a worldwide open platform.

So here I am, back in the only place where I could fully express my feelings y piensos on this all too important subject (at least for me) and hope that my four fieles lectores/as have not lost faith in me and the Life in Spanglish blog.

(Thank you for your patience. I promise to be here at least once a week.)

As for the future Mrs. George Clooney, let me tell you, I’m impressed. Not that anybody would ask, but since it can’t be me who is the object of his affections, at least I’m happy she’s a smart, accomplished, cultured and successful woman who seems to suit George quite well.

Ms. Alamuddin is 36 years old, was born in Beirut, studied in Oxford and NYU, speaks 3 languages (Arabic, English and French) is an international lawyer who among her clients has defended Julian Assange of WikiLeaks (que tal?) and serves as special counsel to the United Nations and former UN Secretary Kofi Annan. Not too shabby!

After the initial google searches, I found she also has a quirky fashion sense when it comes to shoes.

In few pictures existing in the web so far, she is wearing interesting shoe combos, something I can appreciate. Some of them are kind of weird, but in one of her paparazzi shots she has some sort of eclectic oxford shoes, and I just happen to LOVE oxford shoes. Nada de glam, nada de sexy mama, just really strange and cool black and white shoes with laces. Y sólo por eso, dije, OK, me cae bien… (Nobody ever accused me of being too shallow, just a little bit.) I expect she will now be hounded wherever she goes and we will probably get to see more of that unusual fashion sense. 

Yes, I love a good oxford shoe. The future Mrs. George Clooney has similar tastes.

Yes, I love a good oxford shoe. The future Mrs. George Clooney has similar tastes.


From In Style website. George Clooney and Aluma. I like her oxford shoes- and that's all I need para que me caiga bien.

From In Style website. George Clooney and Amal. I like her oxford shoes- and that’s all I need para que me caiga bien.


As for Mr. Clooney, pues no que no tronabas pistolita. After years of saying he was not the marrying type, I guess it was a matter of timing and finding a jet setting-like minded human activist to settle down with. ¿O será que ya se cansó de darle vuelo a la hilacha? At 52, he’s no spring chicken, but he looks as handsome as ever.

Yes, para mí el George Clooney es especial,  and the sentimental fool that I am, I am happy for him. Event though I’ve never met him, we go way back to our “Facts of Life-Roseanne-Sisters-ER” TV days and he has always, always been my most favorite. (He has an upcoming birthday on May 6th). 

As for the rest of us, we’ll always have that wonderful little gem of a commercial that makes us wonder, what if I ever got married to George? I’ve posted it before and here it is again for your viewing pleasure.

Dream a little dream, baby.

George Clooney Married Commercial (link)

Still from the Norwegian bank ad with George Clooney. Click on the link to watch.

Still from the Norwegian bank ad with George Clooney. Click on the link to watch.




¡Que Viva el “Mexican Prince”! Mariachi skier is the most interesting man in Sochi

The day has finally come for the Mariachi skier and “Mexican Prince” Hubertus von Hohenlohe to compete in Sochi, and we’re praying we get some air time to se him on t.v. (Are you listening to me NBC? Mas vale que lo pongan.)

I did a blog post about him a few days ago when everyone was talking about his ski suit. This morning I saw a great interview that they did on the Today show. At one point, he drinks Margaritas and sings a cappella to Jenna Bush, la hija de George W., who now works on the Today show. (Gracias a mi Tia Silvia que me dio el heads up para que prendiera la tele.)

Not only is he competing with style and flair in a custom made mariachi ski suit in his 6TH OLYMPICS AT 55 YEARS OLD, he has a bunch of other interests that make him a really super cool dude. He’s a photographer, a businessman and has his very own rock band called -what else- Royal Disaster. Love him!

From the Today show interview, Hubertus Von Hohenlohe carries the Mexican flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi. He is the only athlete from México.

From the Today show piece, Hubertus von Hohenlohe carries the Mexican flag at the opening ceremonies in Sochi. He is the only athlete from México.

Please take a look  at this video and meet the “most interesting man in Sochi”. Good life lessons learned here.

And while not everybody can pursue their passions at any expense, it does make you realize you just have to go for it, “have fun with it” and try to do it in style, because style lives on forever.

Su alteza real, Príncipe Hubertus von Hohenlohe, soy su fan!

Click here to go to the link on the Today show. “The Most Interesting Man in Sochi.”

Happy Weekend everybody.

Valentine’s Day concert with Maria Rita in LA

Screen shot 2014-02-12 at 11.30.58 PM

Since Friday is Valentine’s Day, and since it’s always nice to have something to do, here’s a great idea for a night out.

Maria Rita, one of Brazil’s most famous bossa nova singers has a performance at Disney Hall this Friday at 8:00 pm. It sounds just like my cup of tea: good live music, a beautiful venue and great people watching in downtown LA. I think I may just venture out to hear something new.

I was reading about Maria Rita and she has a great pedigree in music and 6 Grammy Awards. She is well loved in Brasil, just as her mother was. She is the daughter of the late Elis Regina and renowned pianist César Camargo Mariano.

If you’re so inclined, it may be a great thing to check out. (Might as well start practicing portuguese because you know the mundial in Brasil is coming up.)

Click here on the link for tickets and more information. 

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day.

National Wear Red Day for Women’s Heart Health

Have you checked your heart lately?

Today is National Wear Red Day in support of the American Heart Association and women’s heart health. And I am wearing red to support it.

Every year in February we hear the statistics and it does make us aware of the risks for heart disease in women. Most women don’t know that las enfermedades del corazón are the #1  killer of women in the US, more than any form of cancer or other diseases.  We need to get informed on the symptoms and the risks of heart disease and share this with all the women we know.

Macy’s is a national sponsor of this campaign every year. They’ve donated $46 million dollars to the cause, but much more needs to be done. You may want to head over to their stores today where they have a special sale going on for anyone who wears red. You can also purchase a red dress pin for $2- the entire proceeds go towards the American Heart Asssociation (AHA)- and purchase one of their three exclusive red dresses in support of Go Red Por Tu Corazón, where part of the sale is donated to the AHA.

This week I had a chance to tag along for a special presentation my friend Martha Gil de Montes from Macy’s (@MarthaMacys) did on live TV in LA. She introduced a few amazing women who are survivors of heart disease and volunteers for the Go Red campaign, who modeled the dresses beautifully.

Hopefully you can support this cause, and please make sure to visit these websites for more information.

Go Red Por Tu Corazon website from the AHA en Español.

Go Red for Women website from the AHA in English

Macy’s Go Red For Women website, where you can view and purchase the red dresses.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was part of the behind the scenes production team form Macy’s for this event and brought my camera along for sharing pix.

Janet, Erika and Lupita, beautiful models for the Go Red Por Tu Corazón collection at Macy's, on Univision 34 this week.

Janet, her mom Erika Perez, and Lupita, all beautiful models for the Go Red Por Tu Corazón collection at Macy’s, on Univision 34 this week. Erika is a survivor who suffered a major heart attack at age 37, and now dedicates her time to educating women and sharing her story.

Go Red For Women! Support the cause and wear red today, National Wear red Day from the American Heart Association. Models, survivors and volunteers, along with Martha Gil De Montes from Macy's.

Go Red For Women! Support the cause and wear red today, National Wear Red Day from the American Heart Association.

Luis Sandoval and Fernanda Kelly, from Lanzate and Martha Gil de Montes from macy's, along with the dress models.

Luis Sandoval and Fernanda Kelly, from Lanzate and Martha Gil de Montes from Macy’s, along with the dress models. All dresses available at Macy’s stores nationwide.